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Eventually the Englishman stood up and said, "Now it's my turn to kick you." The Scotsman smiled and said, "No, that's okay, you can keep the egg." Q.What's the difference between a Scotsman and an Englishman? If you let a cow loose in their front gardens the Englishman will moan to his wife: "Come here quickly and help me get rid of this horrible cow that is ruining my beautiful lawn." The Scotsman will call to his wife saying; "Come here quickly!The speaker then said, "Would the usher please escort that individual, with his hand raised, to the podium?I simply must enquire further." After a few moments delay the individual, who incidentally turned out to be a wee Scotsman in full kilt and highland regalia, was brought forward to the stage. " "Salisbury." "But Salisbury is simply crawling with Scots! At this point the dear little Scots lady could hold her tongue no longer.

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" in answer to which about ten hands were waved about.The Englishman disagreed because the egg was laid on his property.

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