Worst dating site profile pictures

27-Jul-2016 08:38

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Your photo is one of the most important parts of your profile…if you play games with your photo or get “weird” don’t be surprised if you don’t have much communication.

Hopefully everyone reading this is capable of recognizing when their photo has crossed into the twilight zone but if you’re not sure, be sure have a friend review your pictures!

If so, using a photo like this one might be considered truth in advertising. Let her get to know you as normal before you pull out the shiny silver cowboy hat.

However, if you're a normal person who thought that using a photo of you in a weird hat would show that you're a super fun guy with an outrageous sense of humor, you're going to have a tough time getting a date. Ever hear the saying, "The eyes are the windows to the soul? Women might wonder, is this a man I want to introduce to my father?

" For the same reason you don't use a photo of you brushing your teeth. Total strangers are drawing conclusions about whether to meet you and, potentially, live with and love you. A person who pushes that aspect of themselves right out of the gate shows a lack of judgment about how others draw conclusions.

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So as a public service, we’ve collected a range of photos to help men understand what NOT to post on their profiles.

Are you doing it to prove you're an awesome party guy who can get next to some pretty hot babes? Your matches will only see a sad man trying to prove how great his life is.

If you have so many wonderful women hanging around all the time, why are you on a dating site?

There is some debate on this issue, but most people feel that an online dating site is not a place to expose identifiable photos of your children to strangers.

After all, your kids have no say on being presented here.

Why would you put this photo on your dating profile?

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