Women compliance testing in dating

11-Oct-2015 07:36

When a woman nags, whines, or complains, she’s testing you. If she tries to cancel plans at the last minute, you’ll say “Oh, no problem”.

If she complains about something, you’ll say “I’m sorry, let me fix it”. Again, just notice what’s going on when you respond.

She came back with “How could you sleep with me if you don’t love me? This is absolutely no fun at all.”How’d it turn out? If you START playful and you STAY playful, you can lose all that negative crap much more easily than you think. Get out that attraction journal and mark a page “Tests” Write down every test you can think of – everything that’s happened to you or you can imagine happening.

Not to mention, when you finally get to a point where you want to share a serious talk (NOT TOO EARLY DAMMIT! They can be things women do to find out about your true character – to find out if you’re real or just an act – or they can simply be things that test your cool and control.

She might say she does that because she doesn’t want to be seen as easy – hell, she might even believe it. “Ok, the REAL reason I’m asking is because you look like you need the exercise.

But what this REALLY does is reveal who she’s dealing with. I was trying to be discreet, but now you’ll just have to do your laps by yourself.” Make sure you handle this playfully, and don’t be scared to throw her by SHOWING YOUR BACK.

In that moment, you have just failed the test with flying colors. I should probably get the jackass award for most tests failed with women.

I’ve been through this one so many times in my life that it HURTS.

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If you’ve done the job of piquing her interest, chances are VERY good she’ll work to get it back. You don’t want to constantly try to please her – she’ll know it, slowly lose respect for you and set the bar higher and higher.You sound like you aren’t sure about this: if you’re not going to show, tell me now.

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