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08-Jul-2016 03:11

No matter what was happening, I always knew I could go to that place of oblivion, and I wouldn’t have to deal with whatever it was that was bothering me. One of the greatest gifts that God gives us, is other people. Even some of the toughest relationships I have had, have had amazing seeds of growth contained in them.And my introduction into a twelve-step program, and the becoming friends with the people I met there was actually my initiation into personal development.Now, I need to be cautious here, because many people have varying views on programs like these.I must restate, that I am talking about what worked for me, and why it worked for me. What I do claim, is that AA placed some tools in front of me, and they said, “This is what has worked for us, it’s up to you to choose if you want to use them or not.”So many people go to a meeting, then go back out and drink or use drugs, and say, “See, it didn’t work”. I had been introduced to AA and it’s principles when I was 19 years old.My mother drove me back to NJ and I faced the judge again. He looked at me and asked my lawyer if I had completed the rehab. He said, “You still have an outstanding fine of ,500. Now death is something that everyone experiences, but this loss was the first for me. And what was amazing to me was that in the middle of the turmoil of losing someone so close to me, I didn’t want to drink.I was actually proud of the fact that my grandmother died seeing me sober, and that I was able to share some meditations and visualizations with her that I had learned to help her through her pain.

In that first year I also fractured a bone in my forearm, stretched the tendons in my good ankle and went through all of it without drinking.

they know the feeling of looking back and going “My God, I made it!!! In the 11 years since, one day at a time, many things have happened that once would have had me hidden in an alley passed out and hoping for death.