Who is sheree whitfield dating

21-Nov-2015 05:47

Three sources have come forward suggesting Sheree has a “mystery man” that’s currently locked up in an Atlanta prison.

His name is Tyrone, but he goes by “OG.” One of the sources claims to have seen Sheree visit him on two occasion.

That’s how long it's been since she's been in a relationship.

Whitfield was married to former NFL Atlanta Falcons player Bob Whitfield. Sheree was counting on a seven-figure settlement but then Whitfield filed for bankruptcy, Sheree just got a lump sum of ,000 in 2012 and she gets less than ,000 per month in support.

Regardless of Sheree's financial problems, or maybe due to her financial problems, she's turning to Patti Stanger to help her find a man.

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The source also added that Tyrone calls himself Sheree’s “husband,” but it’s unclear if they’re actually married or even engaged.

The name Tyrone Gilliams might sound familiar because he was featured on reality show back in 2011 and was the cause of Sheree and Nene Leakes’ epic argument, the one where Nene claims to be a “very rich bitch” and Sheree responds by urging Nene to “get your teeth fixed.” Tyrone presented himself as a Philadelphia promoter and philanthropist.

While there is not really a law against having people over, it turns out that Sheree has spotlights, a camera crew, and dozens of people in attendance.