Who is samara weaving dating in real life

10-Feb-2016 15:48

Indi is angry when Sid tracks them down at the party and snaps when he lectures them about honesty.

Indi sees Nicole trying to kiss Sid after she revealed that she had feelings for him, however, he pushes Nicole away.

Indi becomes disheartened when Sid starts to go back to his philandering ways, but he tells Indi and Dexter that they are the most important people in his life.

Indi and Romeo start to realise their feelings for each other after spending time together, but Romeo admits he is hesitant to start a relationship. Indi gets a job at Angelo Rosetta's (Luke Jacobz) restaurant.

Weaving said that at this point Indigo's "knight in shining armour has been shattered" as she thought he was the one person who wouldn't cheat; Indigo cannot "understand the circumstances." She admitted although you would expect them to be over "she just needs time to grieve" as it leaves her "devastated".

However Indi cannot forgive Ruby, Weaving said: "I think that friendship is pretty much over now!

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Whilst Indi is being treated for her injuries she refuses to see her father.

Indi is annoyed when Dexter reveals to Romeo the dreams she has been having about him therefore revealing her feelings for him.