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18-Apr-2015 18:49

"Is this how even a reporter like Martha Raddatz is is going to be treated by this president?" "Wait, are we going to get a group apology from the President-elect... Only like the most favored sons of the building are allowed to know where you are. (APPLAUSE) I don`t want to emphasize that -- we`re on one country. Anybody who has dotted lines around them, we know when they are going to declare if they are going to declare. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE) That is an interesting bunch. There are good people, it`s just that their ideas are bad. But we go there for Thanksgiving and Uncle Harry starts saying something, and you say, Uncle Harry, that makes no sense at all -- but you still love them. We have 14 declared major candidates for the Republican nomination already. He`s talking about specifically the Republicans who are running for president this year. (LAUGHTER) They will have enough for an actual "Hunger Games". All of the people with the red background on our chart, they have all actually formally declared they are running. But this first piece of great tape that we`ve got today, we`ve got two of them -- the first one we got today is President Obama kind of fired up, definitely enjoying himself and what he`s talking about is Republicans as a group. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We got some healthy competition in the Democratic Party but I lost count how many Republicans are running for this job. We know Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is due to make his formal out loud announcement that he`s running on July 13th, but today he filed with the FEC to say that he is going to join the race. We also tonight can do a little more updating on our ginormous chart of the historically unprecedented over large presidential field this year, trademark.But Maddow wasn't finished.“Is that going to continue under a Trump administration?” Maddow pressed, pointing to Melania Trump’s pending lawsuit against the Daily Mail, and the fact that the lawyer representing Trump's wife, Charles Harder, was also hired by Peter Thiel hired to take down Gawker. trying to put newspapers out of business through a novel legal strategy,” Maddow said.

But then after he met Scott Walker, he left to go elsewhere in Wisconsin to go just give a barn burning speech in Lacrosse, one of these Obama speeches where he`s celebrating everything that`s going right for administration right now.Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has just been tapped as counselor to the President, continuing her role as the "Trump Whisperer." But Conway's skills as a dissembler were no match for Rachel Maddow Thursday night when the topic was Trump's disgusting and abusive treatment of the press.Maddow began the conversation by talking about Trump's lies about ABC journalist Martha Raddatz, whom he mocked for "crying" on election night during his post-election "Thank You" tour."He's singling her out not just with wrong information, but singling her out," Maddow said.On the Democratic side of the field, though, there is also some action.

We had a little heads up yesterday that this might happen. We know the debate stage on the Democratic side is going to be this group of these five friendly older white people who could all fit in a family sedan.Here is how that went at our news meeting yesterday for this show. Jim Webb is now declared as of a blog post on his web page and so, now, we know the character of the Democratic field? Jim Webb is the fifth one to declare, probably the last one to declare.

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