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11-Dec-2016 16:04

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But we’ve gotten close over the few months we’ve worked together.

So I think we can be cool about it, and get past this.” Lee Min Ho also expressed his disappointment through a representative, “We are close, but I was really caught off guard by the rumors.

However on the 6th, a representative of Lee Min Ho denied the rumors stating, “The news reports don’t have any truth to them.

Playing their roles, they are seen together while filming many scenes.

Lee Min Ho revealed that, “age doesn’t matter but an elegant woman with a fair complexion” is his ideal type of woman.

yah, just a rumors, we dont need to confuse huh, but if there anything goes who’s care they’re very much fit couple.

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Hye-Sun then signed with YG Entertainment and still harbored dreams of singing. am expecting future projects for both of you with a very special story line. I read from your biography that you are multi-talented.

For the short film "The Madonna" (Yukwaehan Dowoomi), centered around the topic of assisted suicide, Kuv Hye-Sun took the roles of director, screen writer, editor, and music composer. who feels that life will be better if u throw some negative comments and criticize others..me remind u life doesn't work that way.. Talented in most fields of art, pretty enough to make a nun blush, and with a body capable of causing a 50 car pile-up. i only say to unnie hye sun that she is so amazing .. from acting , dancing , singing , painting , director , writer , composer , musisian , playing piano and many more ... Koo Hye Sun would probably tie for 2nd on my list, next to Pyeon Jung-Su and veteran actress Kim Hye-Ja (if you haven't seen her in "Mother," you need to - she's a wonder). Love her eyes that is the first thing i notice They are so big and to me people with big eyes are innocent and very curious people so they explore into a lot of things. I am thankful that I get to know her through her drama "Boys Over Flowers". Ji hoo, l like you the most coz your a good friend and the way you let go of your love.... i'm hoping that she acts in life the way she acts on films unless she is portraying a villain.

"The Madonna" screened at the Pusan Asian Short Film Festival and received the Audience Award. She more of less looking back now seems like almost her real self. I belive u should start doing something productive instead of criticizing others..lastly no one force u to see her act.. Umm..me guess u must be someone who has nothing better to do.. If wishes were being granted for Christmas, Goo Hye Sun would be at the top of this boy's list. I really love her :) Koo Hye-sun is a force of nature, she is one of the most formidable woman on this planet, with an eager energy for always being in search of new challenges and to try new fields of art. I'd be honored if any wants to visit the fan page that I made about her... Maybe it's the way Miss Koo wears her hair in "Boys Over Flowers," but something makes her eyes seem small and calculating in that role. She reminded me of my little sister, everytime i see her on televison or in pics i want to pinch her cheeks. She is a superb actress and I have recommended her to many of my friends here in Indiana, as well as NJ and Las Vegas, and they too, liked her soooo much. but i don't think she will ever play such a role considering that her wholesomeness always shines.

how wonderful woman she is i wish i could be here hahaha.(joke) minsun is my dream.i’am proud of them.

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Ku Hye-Sun, born in Incheon, South Korea on November 9, 1984, is a popular South Korean actress. get urself corrected first and comment on others later ....................Her family consists of her mother, father, and one older sister. I don't care who u r or from which planet u belongs 2 .

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