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25-Sep-2015 16:47

And it is nothing less than absurd to claim that early poll closings particularly affected “millions of youth, college and high school students, as well as young professionals,” as if they of all people can’t make it to the polls on time while older professionals and non-students can.

This is nothing less than the victim mentality that is destroying the left.

Some churches receive funds from leasing facilities, from schools that are in the church’s building, or from investments and endowments.

But, in reality, those sources of income are very small compared to congregational giving. One third of the churches increased the outsourcing of staff over the past five years.

Rather than shouting profanities in the streets, they should be looking in the mirror.

Pollster Frank Luntz tweeted, “I saw a Trump protester with a sign on the subway … I asked him if he voted, and he said no.” And a report from Portland, Oregon indicated that, “More than half of the anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn’t vote, according to state election records.” What do you know!

And why is it that so many far-right groups both here and abroad are excited about his victory?

Other growing churches may be more likely to reach younger families with lower incomes. Only two percent of the churches’ budgets are funded outside congregational giving.We have created so many special memories over these past few years.You have shown me over this time how you are very integral, godly, caring, supportive, super creative, my best friend, genius mind, true ministry partner, loving husband and so much more.I assure you that it will be controlled venting, without vitriol, hyperbole, or vindictiveness. I have also spoken with Mexican Americans and African Americans who have shared their concerns with me, and seeing the world through their eyes, I understand their fears.

(Of course, I’ve read many comments from Muslim Americans that express their concerns too.) What, exactly, will the president’s immigration policy look like, and what, exactly, does he mean by being a “law and order” candidate?

Thank you for giving me the type of love where I can trust because you are an open book and never let anyone disrespect our marriage or friendship.

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