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The key affectation, advises Goode, is not a love-worn teddy bear named Aloysius, but a lot of languidness.“With a flower — a peony, maybe — peeping out from somewhere,” adds Whishaw helpfully.“I love the job, but it’s not going to make me happy, ultimately.” Pause. “I don’t really understand why it’s interesting for people,” he says, politely grinning and bearing the question. “My mum wants to come with me,” he says, “but I probably won’t take anyone.“Having a family is going to make me happy.” Sorry, ladies, he is spoken for right now, by Sophie Dymoke, who works in fashion. I’d rather be alone and just do my job.” Bad luck, girls and boys.By 1pm GMT, Australia will be entering the New Year.Huge crowds have descended on Sydney Harbour (pictured) ahead of the city's famed fireworks display.

“We are very different people, Matt and I,” declares Whishaw.Out in the concrete yard of an East End boozer, the waifish 5ft 9in Ben Whishaw is having a solitary cigarette.