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04-Jul-2016 21:24

Take Sonya again: she spent months pining for Nikolai when she could have been out living life and perfecting whatever the 19th-century version of an OK Cupid profile is. lovably earnest protagonist, Pierre (Paul Dano), might be Uncle Scrooge-ing it when it comes to wealth, but his wife (Tuppence Middleton) has no sexual interest in him whatsoever, and their relationship suffers because of it.

I know, two of our most beloved Mr Selfridge characters exiting the series is a tough pill to swallow, but it's for the best. "We both spoke to the producers at the end of the second series individually and I think it makes sense that our characters leave," explains Aisling. Get your box of tissues at the ready – Selfridges' female clientele will cease to swoon at the store's dashing creative director, and so will we.

It's an important question, and Aisling won't rule out a return: "It's a brilliant show and it's been a brilliant thing to be a part of so, you never say never." Right answer! ) and Lily James whom she'll also star with in BBC1's big budget adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace.

You can catch Gregory in new Adrian Brody film Emperor and French flick Qui c'est les plus forts?

If best friend sleeps with your boyfriend, however, challenge them to a casual duel. But you could challenge them to a pizza eating battle, because then everyone wins.

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This is a terrible idea no matter what century you're inhabiting, and one that landed Dolokhov in a shoot-out.