Ubuntu vuze not updating

05-Jun-2016 08:15

ubuntu vuze not updating-61

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I mean, is it wanted, that an application updated itself?

Firefox can update itself, but the function was deactivated and an 'apt-get upgrade' updates firefox to the new version.

Either that or disable the auto-update check in vuze.

There seems to be a lack of communication between the MOTU and the Vuze team.

Since the package has been broken in the past in ubuntu i suggest stop pulling hacks out to fix it and just stick with the regular stable releases.

Please remember that azureus is one of the most popular open source programs on windows.

For a lot of newbies it will be one of the first things they try to install on ubuntu and this doesn't make a nice impression.

You should rebuild it with gtk-swt-3.4, otherwise the Browser is not working.

It's true that it works as long as downloading of torrents, but without the browser it is like using transmission.

If azureus should be able to update itself then this is a bug.

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