Sprung the dating game nintendo ds walkthrough

23-May-2016 06:53

It has the description "Learn to score with the ladies".

The game has unused dialogue involving a successful method of inserting laxatives into Conor's drink in Becky's level, "Serving the Freezing Dish".

You can use the touch screen to select responses, but it's much, much easier to just use the D-pad to scroll and A to select.

And thus ends Sprung's use of the DS's advanced functions.

An unused scene with the description - "You meet Kiki in a bar. Another scene, "Love in the Lift", is also unused; this is likely an earlier version of Brett's first scene "Lift off!

" and is shown in a screenshot in the game's booklet.

That goes for the technical aspects of this hateful love-in, too.

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Then you save and continue to the next scene, at which point the thrilling world of selecting pre-written responses to text-based conversation continues. To the game's credit (and this is a VERY small credit), the dialogue is actually well-written in a sort of way. But even if you spend your days and nights staring at Tiger Beat magazine and watching 90210 reruns, you will grow tired of Sprung in about five minutes.Do this fifty times and there you have the Sprung version of "gameplay." Look, we don't require much out of our games, but it's absolutely essential that a game contains some real gameplay. You do not have to conserve lives, because you have unlimited chances to get it right.There is no skill required to get through the game, only time, memorization, and enough patience to not hurl the thing into the fireplace.The genre has thrived in Japan for years, but then again, so have soiled schoolgirl panty machines.

You play as either Brett or Becky, two friends out to find romance during a weekend excursion at a ski resort.

If you're a teenager obsessed with talking, sounding, and acting like a teenager, you'll probably think it's rather funny. The characters are little more than classic teen movie stereotypes, including the stoner buddy, the snobby rich kid, the hippy chick and the scummy playboy.