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20-Jun-2015 19:21

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They however have this Auto update schedule to check for updates ever hour, which is awfully annoying, and some users will not like to have sophos update regularly every hour. You might need to redo this step if you update manually using the Update Now option. Unless you make your files as Read only (i will try that later on ) .PS: Like Ross Mentioned below its not Advised to disable auto updates for your Sophos antivirus.For this to work the message relay need to build up a "Routing Table" On the Message relay machine This envelope cue should be monitored and checked out if machines are not communicating with the management console.It is sometime necessary to stop the message router service, delete the table_file and restart the service to fix a corrupted routing table.

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Normally these messages are sent directly from the client to the management server.

For you are working at home and its your computer and its not affecting your universities network if you are infected or something !

If you want to go with short route, just edit the file in your Config data for sophos and replace [PPI.

This normally take about 5 minutes before the cue starts decreasing.

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In small deployments the Management server is often used "for everything." As the deployment grow in size you should use CID's that are not hosted and the management server, the same goes for using message relays.On the machine that will be hosting the CID Use an updating policy to point your client machines to the CID.