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(2016) Design considerations and emerging challenges for nanotube-, nanowire-, and negative capacitor-field effect transistors Walala, Micah (2016) A cross-sectional and mixed-method assessment of safety culture and safety climate at a regional airline Wallace, Carlington W (2016) Simulation of conservation practice effects on water quality under current and future climate scenarios Wallace, Wendy (2016) Believe Me When I Tell You Wallach, Kit (2016) Simple domestics Wang, Dan (2016) The application of the Hadoop software framework in Bioinformatics programs Wang, Guanyi (2016) Experimental study on interfacial area transport in downward two-phase flow Wang, Jianyu (2016) Three problems in image analysis and rendering: Local defect detection, semantically-based 2.5D printing, and aesthetic evaluation of fashion photos Wang, Pei-Hsun (2016) On-chip microresonator frequency combs: Generation dynamics, power transfer, and time-domain characterization Wang, Qiaoying (2016) Enhancing the campus experience: Helping international students to adapt to North American campus life Wang, Ruoyu (2016) Investigation of climate variability and climate change impacts on corn yield in the Eastern Corn Belt, USA Wang, Xiaowo (2016) Multi-scale computational framework for simulation of cellular solids Warrix, Adam R (2016) Management of remnant prairie ecosystems: Soil transfer, fire, and exotic species invasion Watkins, Lauren E (2016) Densified collagen-fibril biomaterials for bone tissue engineering Weeden, George S.

(2016) Design of mixed-solvent extraction and size-exclusion simulated moving bed chromatography to recover valuable compounds from electronic waste Wheeler, Robin E (2016) Targeted metabolomics on the shikimate and aromatic amino acid biosynthetic pathways White, Joshua D (2016) The epistemology of enculturation Williams, Natasha D (2016) African American acculturation as a mediator between childhood disciplinary experience and conflict management in adult romantic relationships Wirbisky, Sara Elizabeth (2016) Developmental origins of neuroendocrine dysfunction associated with an embryonic atrazine exposure Wood, Mitchell A (2016) Energy transfer and localization in molecular crystals Wood, Tyler C (2016) Influence of instream habitat, water quality, and crayfish density on injury frequency in crayfish of Midwestern channelized headwater streams Wu, Min (2016) Studies of sulfur-based cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries Wu, Xi (2016) Antimicrobial activity of natural and mutant variants of free and immobilized antimicrobial peptides against Listeria and E.

The uses and gratifications of Tinder Sohn, Jayoung (2016) Demand uncertainty and investment in the restaurant industry Sommer, Drew E (2016) Constitutive modeling of the rheological behavior of platelet suspensions Song, Cheng (2016) Seismic assessment of vulnerable reinforced concrete structures Song, Yunfan (2016) E-commerce mental models of upper middle class Chinese female consumers in Beijing Southwell, Kenona H (2016) The role of workplace supervisor support in caregivers' marital relationships Soverns, Christopher S (2016) Consonant discrimination in the inferior colliculus of young and aged rats Sparks, Rachel E (2016) Mapping and analyzing energy use and efficiency in a modified hydroponic shipping container Spence, Tyler (2016) An evaluation of noise reduction strategies at large commercial airports in the United States: A policy analysis and framework classification Stadig, Eric R (2016) Evaluating trap design for capture of amphipods in western Lake Erie Stafford, Joshua J (2016) The effect of trait death anxiety on job involvement, organizational citizenship behavior, and turnover intentions in low mortality cue jobs Stanish, Natalie A (2016) Family structures as predictors of attachment security: The relationship between parental attachment security and romantic attachment security in stepfamilies and intact families Steiner, Colton D (2016) Design, fabrication, and characterization of acoustic metamaterials with embedded resonators Strange, Nathan J (2016) Analytical methods for gravity-assist tour design Sturtevant, Hannah G (2016) Design, implementation, and evaluation of a hybrid scale-up model for general chemistry courses Stutzman, Sarah (2016) U. farm capital investment 1996--2013: Differences by farm size and operator primary occupation Sudhakaran, Saurabh (2016) Potential energy savings and benefits to thermal comfort from the effective use of window blinds Suelzer, Joseph S (2016) Double optical feedback and PT-symmetry breaking induced nonlinear dynamics in semiconductor lasers Sullivan, Brendan T (2016) Characterization of Cu-rich aggregates in neurogenic niches of the rodent brain by X-ray fluorescence microscopy Sun, Bo (2016) Nanoparticle depot for intraperitoneal chemotherapy of ovarian cancer Sung, Hyun (2016) Axonal transport and life cycle of mitochondria in Parkinson's disease model Sun, Shanxia (2016) Behavioral responses and policy evaluation: Revisiting water and fuel policies Suryanarayana, Harish (2016) Design paradigm for power electronics based DC distribution systems Su, Yuan (2016) Direct drug screening and lipid profiling using ambient mass spectrometry Swaroop, Kshitiz (2016) Automatic differentiation using vectorized hyper dual numbers Symithe, Steeve J (2016) Present day plate boundary deformation in the Caribbean and crustal deformation on southern Haiti Szwed, Kathryn L (2016) Self-regulation to practice: Incorporating the strategy to an early childhood special education setting Taleyarkhan, Manaz R (2016) Investigating the impact of CAD simulations on student design thinking Tan, Jing (2016) Estimating the water quality condition of river and lake water in the Midwestern United States from its spectral characteristics Tanvir, Saad (2016) Physical properties, evaporation and combustion characteristics of nanofluid-type fuels Tan, Yaohua (2016) Tight binding parameterization from ab-initio calculations and its applications Taylor, Alexander Harrison (2016) Test cell set-up to enable drive-cycle testing of a variable valve actuation enabled camless diesel engine Taylor, Ashley D (2016) Temporal trends and influence of habitat on freshwater mussel communities within Cedar Creek, Indiana Terheide, Donald B (2016) Utilizing the Signaling Theory in order to enhance minority recruitment in law enforcement Tezeller Arik, Beril (2016) An autoethnographic study of identity and literacy development in a second language: A rendition of an international graduate student's travails Thackston, Kyle A (2016) Optimization of wireless power networks for biomedical applications Thomas, Brianna S.

Dillon (2016) Localization and delocalization in two-dimensional quantum percolation Thomas, D'Shawn G (2016) Assessing the performance of a soy methyl ester -polystyrene topical treatment to extend the service life of concrete structures Thomas, Michael Evan (2016) The impact of practicing in a rural setting on ethical decision-making for clinically practicing mental health service providers Thompson, Matthew (2016) An inside-out approach to nuclear mechanics: Genetic engineering of an in vitro laminopathy model Tian, Yu (2016) Rutting evaluation of full-depth flexible pavement using accelerated pavement testing Toner, Nathan L (2016) Data driven low-bandwidth intelligent control of a jet engine combustor Totty, Evan S (2016) Essays in labor economics and panel data analysis Touza, Kaitlin Kyna (2016) Intensive treatment near the end of life in advanced cancer patients Trembath, Felicia E (2016) Evaluating the prevalence and effectiveness of breed-specific legislation Tucci, James V (2016) The search for dark matter annihilation in galaxy clusters at VERITAS Tung, Chun-Yu (2016) Immune modulating functions by soypeptide lunasin in cancer immunotherapy Upadhyay, Harshal (2016) Adaptive gravity-balancing arm systems Vaidya, Abhishek B (2016) Unsupervised learning framework for large-scale flight data analysis of cockpit human machine interaction issues Valone, Marianne C (2016) Effect of humidity on the creep response of cellulose nanocrystals films Van Anderlecht, Alexandre G (2016) Tadpole orbits in the L4/L5 region: Construction and links to other families of periodic orbits Van Dop, Molly A (2016) Irrigation Adoption, Groundwater Demand and Policy in the U. Corn Belt, 2040-2070 Vasudevan, Varun A (2016) Best rank-1 approximations without orthogonal invariance for the 1-norm Vaught, James A (2016) Cryptographic applications of permutation polynomials Vaziri, Baback (2016) Markov-based ranking methods Vealey, Kyle P (2016) Storytelling failure in the Vale of Leven: How a bacterial outbreak became a wicked problem Vesely, Laurent W (2016) After the honeymoon: The Obama effect on political attitudes and participation Vian, Wei D (2016) On the grain refinement of aluminum alloys Villegas Pico, Hugo Nestor (2016) Advances to the dynamic analysis of power converter-based systems under uncertainty: A reachability approach Vize, Colin Edward (2016) Untangling the relationship between narcissistic traits and behavioral aggression using a FFM framework Wahab, Abdul MD.

Serrano (2015) Assessing impact of exposure to cyberphysical systems on student interest in information technology careers Anderson, Treshawn L (2015) Beliefs about infant toddler education and care: A new measure for infant toddler teachers Andrews, Amelia Caron (2015) Enlightening Experts: The Effect of Frames and Values on Expert Attitudes Angelella, Gina M (2015) Tracking plant virus infections through multiple dimensions: A search for sources of nonpersistent virus vectors and reservoirs at local and regional scales Anjilivelil, Aja (2015) Modeling, simulation, and optimization of traffic intersections using Petri nets Anklam, Charles Edward (2015) Building a better pedestrian flow model for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Anwer, Megha (2015) Navigating the necropolis: Urban corpses, metropolitan mobility and narratives of crime and terror Atallah, Nadia (2015) Profiling gene expression during early gametophyte development and sex determination in Ceratopteris richardii Athigakunagorn, Nathee (2015) Using Real Options Theory to Enhance Highway Asset Intervention Scheduling Atilgan, Aylin Baris (2015) The journey of Chinese students from English 106 maintstream composition courses to the Purdue Writing Lab: An institutional needs analysis of Chinese students Azizi, Yousof (2015) Development of a multi-body nonlinear model for a seat-occupant system Bach, Christopher E (2015) Influence and characterization of microbial contaminants associated with the FDA BAM method used to detect Listeria monocytogenes from romaine lettuce Badamy, Michael J.

(2015) Neuropilin 1 confers resistance to Her1/2 targeted therapies via epithelial to mesenchymal transition in metastatic breast cancer Bailey, Andrea Leigh (2015) Low income, supermarket accessibility, and the transportation network: A multimodal analysis identifying areas of poor accessibility and intervention strategies in Indianapolis, Indiana Baird, Zane (2015) Methods and instrumentation for the manipulation and characterization of electrosprayed ions under ambient conditions Bai, Yunfeng (2015) Functional study of mammary epithelial cell architecture Bakhtiani, Tushar P (2015) Optimization of modular die design in extrusion process Balakrishna, Shruthi (2015) Characterization of vectorization strategies for recursive algorithms Balow, Robert B (2015) Low-cost and earth-abundant nanocrystal synthesis for solar energy conversion and thermoelectric device applications Bandara, Nimalka Achini (2015) Immunotherapy of folate receptor expressing cancers Banerjee, Aparajita (2015) A framework for optimal design of low-power FIR filters Bang, Seokhun (2015) Community detection using efficient modularity optimization method: labelmod with single and multi-layer graphs Bansal, Karan (2015) Exact implementation of boundary conditions for Immersed Boundary Methods Bansal, Kunal (2015) Modeling and evaluation of scroll expanders for a liquid-flooded Ericsson power cycle Barbera, Giovanni (2015) Design of an embedded fluorescence imaging system for implantable optical neural recording Barbosa, Mara R (2015) Spanish-speaking Immigrants in a U. Midwestern Community: An Exploration of Attitudes towards Spanish, Spanish in the U.

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(Some titles may also be available free of charge in our Open Access Theses and Dissertations Series, so please check there first.) Access to abstracts is unrestricted.

S., 1859-79 Fontinha de Alcantara, Christiane (2015) The beauty of impertinence in world literature from 1740 to 1977 Fowler, Susan Marie (2015) Measuring the correlation between risk knowledge and comfort utilizing online medical data Frank, Trevor J (2015) Cereal rye and oilseed radish cover crop effects on soil properties and nitrogen cycling in Indiana Franzen, Jacob B (2015) Application and implications of rule-based pruning of apple trees Freeman, Charlotte C (2015) Vegetation and underplanting response to amur honeysuckle invasion and deer herbivory in mixed hardwood forests Fries, Susan (2015) Investigation of the RISE evaluation system in Montessori schools Fugger, Christopher A (2015) Experimental investigation of a reacting transverse jet in a high pressure oscillating vitiated crossflow Fu, Jiajun (2015) Human activities and status recognition using depth data Fuller, Tristan L (2015) Review of Chemiluminescence as an Optical Diagnostic Tool in High Pressure Unstable Rockets Furrer, Amber N (2015) Impact of processing on potato phytochemicals Gao, Haijuan (2015) Exploring knowledge and beliefs of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection and HPV vaccination among U. Chinese international students Gao, Le (2015) Air traffic management under uncertain weather impact Gao, Wei (2015) Enabling new functionally embedded mechanical systems via cutting, folding, and 3D printing Gao, Xiangyu (2015) Characterization of wake effects and loading status of wind turbine arrays under different inflow conditions Gao, Zhenyuan (2015) Comprehensively simulating the mixed-mode progressive delamination in composite laminates Garand, David M (2015) Energy dependence of transverse momentum correlations and an exploration of the color string percolation model in Au Au collisions Garcia Dorado, Ignacio (2015) Smart cities: Inverse design of 3D urban procedural models with traffic and weather simulation Garver, Stephen A (2015) The impact of visual style on user experience in games Gautier, Philip (2015) Divide and recombine for large complex data: The subset likelihood modeling approach to recombination Gee, Amanda C (2015) An exploratory study of client culture, meat perceptions, social climate, and information preferences in northwest Indiana food pantries Gernant, Stephanie A (2015) The impact of care coordination on community pharmacist-delivered medication therapy management Ge, Yuntian (2015) Wind turbine wake structure and yawed effect analysis Ghambi, Daniel M (2015) Market participation and profitability of cotton production in Malawi Ghane, Parisa (2015) Silent speech recognition in EEG-based Brain Computer Interface Gholamjafari, Ali (2015) A Genetic Algorithm approach to best scenarios selection for performance evaluation of vehicle active safety systems Ghosh, Soumitra (2015) Stress granules modulate SYK to cause microglial dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease Gibson, Casarae L (2015) There's a riot going on!

Race and rebellion in contemporary African American culture Gilbert, Joshua D (2015) Ion/ion reactions and instrument development for the modification of gas phase bio-ions Gilligan, James Richard (2015) Private, professional, public: An investigation of teacher identity development Gilmetdinova, Alsu M (2015) Elementary school teachers' attitudes towards multilingualism and language policy: Tatarstan, Russia Glasgow, Adryan (2015) Race. Zombie: Imperial masculinities gazing at the undead Gleaton, Jeremy W (2015) Hierachical assembly of collagen mimetic peptides into biofunctional materials Gobbie, Donn T (2015) Gladys Heldman and the original nine: The visionaries who pioneered the women's professional tennis circuit Goswami, Ashesh (2015) Trajectory generation for lane-change maneuver of autonomous vehicles Gouthaman, Vignesh (2015) Unusual thermal transport in graphene / boron nitride single interface & superlattice tuned by interfacial roughness Grabowski, Jeffrey Michael (2015) Tick-flavivirus interactions: Discovery of host proteins that are affected in virus infection Grady, Caitlin Anne (2015) International water and food security development: Performance evaluation and assessment of research needs at multiple scales Graham, David Kenton (2015) Loyalty on the line: Civil War Maryland in American memory Gravel, Caitlin Elizabeth (2015) Xbox one file system data storage: A forensic analysis Greene, Tanja L (2015) Modular crosslinking of gelatin based thiol-norbornene hydrogels for in vitro 3D culture of hepatic cells Griffin, Lynette Marie (2015) An evaluation of the military extension internship program Griffin, Sarah Ann (2015) Understanding representations of impulsivity in dimensional models of personality pathology Grimes, Thomas F.

: Exploring sexual minority acceptance in senior living communities Becker, Shannon (2015) Metacognitive instruction in L2 French: An analysis of listening performance and automaticity Beck, Joshua (2015) An overview of the physical and non-physical health effects of marathon running Beel, Casey R (2015) Multiple-cosmogenic-nuclide approaches to studying the Holocene and late Pleistocene history of small ice caps in western Greenland Beenen, Timothy J (2015) In vivo analysis of a salt bridge at the external gate of the Drosophila melanogaster serotonin transporter in response to amphetamines Beigzadeh Milani, Somayeh (2015) Photochemistry of single-walled carbon nanotubes in the aquatic environment, and their extraction from soils Bekar, Mira (2015) Language, writing, and social (inter)action: An analysis of text-based chats in Macedonian and English Bellman, Tabitha Michelle (2015) Synthesis of 3,3-difluoro-2-oxindoles and larger sized rings Belmouss, Mounia (2015) Effect of electrode geometry on high energy spark discharges in air Bentlage, Belyna M (2015) Assessing public attitudes toward endangered freshwater mussels Berdanier, Reid Adam (2015) An Experimental Characterization of Tip Leakage Flows and Corresponding Effects on Multistage Compressor Performance Bernstein, William Z (2015) Human-centered environmentally conscious product redesign methods Berntson, Jessica (2015) Depressive symptom severity, stressful life events, and subclinical atherosclerosis in African American adults Berridge, Dennis C (2015) Generating low-pressure shock waves for calibrating high-frequency pressure sensors Berry, Timothy D (2015) Microbial controls on the environmental fate of carbon nanomaterials Bhagavatula, Srikar (2015) Fine-grained energy and thermal management using real-time power sensors Bhardhwaj, Jayender (2015) Modeling and Direct Adaptive Robust Control of Flexible Cable-Actuated Systems Bhasagare, Mayuresh P (2015) Three-phase multilevel solar inverter for motor drive system Bhattiprolu, Udbhau (2015) Modelling and Measurement of the Response of a Beam Interacting with a Polyurethane Foam Foundation Bhayani, Urmi N (2015) An analysis of techniques for obtaining speedup in software solutions for proteomics Bhise, Karan (2015) Non destructive testing of soft body armor Bianco, Alexandra Walsh (2015) Pharmacokinetics of ketorolac tromethamine in horses after intravenous, intramuscular, and oral single dose administration Bi, Pengpeng (2015) Notch signaling regulates adipogenesis and energy metabolism Birkley, Erica L (2015) The Effects of Instigation, Anger, and Emotion Regulation on Intimate Partner Violence Related Behaviors: Examination of the Perfect Storm Theory Bishop, Brett (2015) Analysis of CHD remodelers during development: A tale in two organisms Blair, David Michael (2015) The geophysical evolution of impact basins and volcanic structures on Mercury and the Moon Blankenbaker, Kristen A (2015) Midwives and Madonnas: Motherhood and citizenship in the American counterculture Bleazard, Tyler J (2015) Hydraulic hybrid four wheel drive sport utility vehicle - utilizing the blended hybrid architecture Blomdin, Robin (2015) Paleoglaciology of the Tian Shan and Altai Mountains, Central Asia Bloom, Amanda L (2015) Explaining Relationship Satisfaction: Attachment, Technology Use, and Sexual Satisfaction in Long-Distance Relationships Blubaugh, Carmen K (2015) Undercover predators: Vegetation mediates foraging, trophic cascades, and biological control by omnivorous weed seed predators Blum, Kevin M (2015) High density collagen fibril constructs with tunable mechano-biology in acellular and cellular configurations Blunt, Janell R (2015) Adaptive Memory: Animacy and the Method of Loci Boeh, Hannah Corrine (2015) Validating Indiana's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) medium term survey using NIH NCI ASA 24 dietary recalls Boesche, Katherine E (2015) Control of bovine pyruvate carboxylase expression by saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and impact on fatty acid metabolism Bohlin, Reme A (2015) Writing new rites: John Donne's and John Milton's elegies as mourning ritual Bohn, Kelsey C (2015) Development and characterization of inhibitors of membrane proteins associated with schizophrenia and pancreatic cancer Boreddy, Nikhil Reddy (2015) IRC channel data analysis using Apache Solr Bors, Dana E (2015) Development of total vaporization solid phase microextraction and its application to explosives and automotive racing Bosson, Christabelle S (2015) Optimizing integrated airport surface and terminal airspace operations under uncertainty Boswell, Jacob A (2015) Prime saturations and rees algebras of almost linearly presented ideals Bott, Robert E (2015) An analysis of the effectiveness and cost of project security management Bounaffaa, Myriam (2015) Benefits and costs of cover crops: A framework for data collection and analysis Bowling, Timothy J (2015) Global Surface Modification of Asteroid 4 Vesta Following the Rheasilvia Impact Bowman, Hayley R (2015) The Church Divided: The Dominicans, Franciscans, and Jesuits and the Immaculate Conception Controversy in Seventeenth-Century Spain Brauchla, Mary Catherine (2015) Effects of High Protein and High Fiber Breakfasts on Preschoolers' Feelings of Fullness, Diet Quality and Memory Breit, Kristen R (2015) Chronic stress during adolescence alters alcohol-induced conditioned place preference in mice selectively bred for high alcohol preference but not low alcohol preference Brennan, M.

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Jane (2015) Design and characterization of biomimetic adhesive materials Brinkman, Brianna L.

Elias Range, Alaska Davis, Nathan B (2015) Granulation of ultra-fine powders: Examination of granule microstructure, consolidation behavior, and powder feeding Davis, Zachary S (2015) Exploring conformational preferences of flexible biomolecules utilizing the instrument for cold ion spectroscopy and force field methods Debnath, Suman (2015) Control of modular multilevel converters for grid integration of full-scale wind energy conversion systems De Boer, Fredrik B (2015) The CLA and the two cultures: Writing assessment and educational testing De Grove, John Maxfield (2015) The integration of heat resources in a solar thermal-heat pump hydronic system Demirel, Hasan Onan (2015) Modular human-in-the-loop design framework based on human factors De Muth, Jessica Corinne (2015) Manipulation of electrospray generated droplets using various vapors De, Narendra N (2015) Photoflash and laser ignition of high-nitrogen materials Deng, Zhui (2015) Binary instrumentation and transformation for software security applications Denick, Dana L (2015) Difficulty as a concept inventory design consideration: An exploratory study of the concept assessment tool for statics (CATS) de Obaldia, Enrique Raul Escobar (2015) Unveiling the mechanical behavior of the rod-like microstructure in the radular teeth of cryptochiton stelleri de Oliveira Silva, Amanda (2015) Evaluation of nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in maize genotypes using in-season soil applications of isotopic nitrogen in field plots Deshmukh, Abhijeet Rathindra (2015) Infrastructure capacity building for recovery and resilience needs of communities to natural hazards Desprez, Johanna M (2015) Directional responses of trees in the eastern U. Detwiler, Michael D (2015) Synthesis, characterization, and kinetic evaluation of planar and supported heterogeneous catalysts Devarakonda Venkata Naga, Siva Ramakrishna (2015) Founders' credentials and performance of startups Devendran, Ram Sudarsan (2015) An innovative working concept for variable delivery flow external gear machine Devireddy, Swathi (2015) The organization of mitochondrial quality control and life cycle in the nervous system in vivo in the absence of PINK1 Devlin, Nicole Raley (2015) The separation of two different sized particles via droplet evaporation De Wees, Maxwell D (2015) Securing communication within the harms model for use with firefighting robots Dewell, Tiffany N (2015) Transcending boundaries: Teaching reflection in the composition classroom Dharkar, Supriya (2015) CO2 heat pumps for commercial building applications with simultaneous heating and cooling demand Dharmadhikari, Shalmali T (2015) Imaging specific absorption rate with MR thermometry using paramagnetic lanthanide complexes and in vivo GABA MR spectroscopy in movement disorders Dhar, Neiha (2015) The Role of Gender Role Conflict in the Relationship Between Attachment and Friendship and Attachment and Couple Satisfaction in Adult Men Diaz A., Jairo A (2015) Tunable organization of cellulose nanocrystals for controlled thermal and optical response Dickinson, Haylee L (2015) Inferred rheology and upper mantle conditions of western Nevada and southern California-northwest Mexico Diep, Vinh Quang (2015) "transistor-like" spin nano-switches: Physics and applications Ding, Ling (2015) Assessing the performance of antimicrobial concrete admixtures in concrete subjected to microbially induced corrosion Ding, Qi (2015) Influence of social cognitive variables on the career exploratory behaviors of African American undergraduate STEM-intensive agricultural sciences majors at Historically Black Land-Grant Institutions Dinh, Hanhdung Thi (2015) Improving product design phase for engineer to order (ETO) product with knowledge base engineering (KBE) Dolan, Matthew Philip (2015) Establishing repeatable operation of a centrifugal compressor research facility for aerodynamic investigations Dong, Jing (2015) Low-cost structured-light 3D capture system design Dong, Libo (2015) Modeling of low illuminance road lighting condition using road temporal profile Dorrance Hall, Elizabeth (2015) The process and dimensions of family member marginalization: A mixed-method construct explication Dou, Zengyi (2015) Bayesian global optimization approach to the oil well placement problem with quantified uncertainties Dow, Alexander Russell (2015) Liquid chromatographic/mass spectrometric investigations of bio-oil and advances in laser-induced acoustic desorption fundamentals and instrumentation Doyle, Aine (2015) Feasibility of PCM slurry for improved thermal efficiency of an historic public building in Ireland Drew, Ryan M (2015) The impact of pretrial publicity on perceptions of guilt Drics-Bursten, Beatrice Margaret (2015) A descriptive study of factors influencing parental choice of high school selection for their middle school-aged children enrolled in Catholic grade school Dringenberg, Emily A (2015) A phenomenographic analysis of first-year engineering students' experiences with problems involving multiple possible solutions Dubitsky, Andrei O (2015) Performance evaluation of an automotive thermoelectric generator Du, Yuezhi (2015) Signal enhancement and data mining for chemical and biological samples using mass spectrometry Dzakovich, Michael Paul (2015) Can we put photobiology to work?