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08-Jan-2015 03:31

I`m sure the sentencing parameters that remained with those five charges were sufficient that the judge, had she wanted, could have put him in prison for a long time.

I believe it was -- Ellie, was it five years on each charge?

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He`s the editor of "The Sidney Sun-Telegraph." Welcome. But Jim, tell me the facts leading up to the judge -- now, how do you pronounce her name, Jim?

The 12-year-old was the child, of course, her child. And we don`t really know how many events actually did take place, but that`s how it happened. In these molestation cases, there are so many cases where the hunter -- I`ll use the word -- will seek out a woman who does have young children. GRACE: Take a listen to what the Department of Corrections had to say. When you abuse a child, when you sexually abuse a child on multiple occasions, you deserve prison time. And you nailed it first when you mentioned she`s appointed. And this little girl, according to prosecutors, has had full-blown sexual intercourse with a man 50 years old! You know, that -- I don`t know how she figures he`s not a hunter. And I feel -- my heart goes out to the family and that child. I only hope that our attorney general, John Bruning, with us from Nebraska, can do something about it. These ladies went out of their way to establish that and fraudulently do so. CALLER: Yes, I was wondering how much time these seniors are going to get for committing these crimes. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) GRACE: What a week in America`s courts.