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02-Oct-2016 23:53

We recommend for comprehensive, feminist information about your anatomy.Clitoris: Your clit is made up of the glans/head (the most sensitive part with 6,000-8,000 nerve endings), the hood (which drapes over the glans) and the shaft (which is on average 1.9 cm in length).Most of the nerve endings are in the outer third of the vagina (in other words: don’t worry about having small hands, it’s nbd). Now make a “come hither” motion towards the front wall of your vagina.Do you feel that spot with a texture unlike everything else’s texture?

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If you’re shaving, you could get mad serious razor burn which sometimes looks like a lot of red bumps all around your area. If you shave a day or two before hooking up, anyone who goes down on you will feel like they are sticking their face into a sheet of sandpaper.Note: When you’re aroused, you might feel warm or flushed. The outside of every girl’s vagina is a brand new continent, but the insides are reasonably similar to one another, so it’s a solid sneak preview. I know you’re going to read this and think “OH MY GOD I WOULD NEVER” and not do it. Stick a fucking mirror between your legs and check out your shit!

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