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Note: the links below will take you to the page in the quarto where each act begins, according to standard modern editions.

(The quartos themselves have no act divisions.) The quarto shown for each play is always the earliest in the Library's collection - unless it is a 'bad' quarto in which case it is the earliest 'good' quarto.

(Act 1) Young men belonging to the feuding families fight in the streets, but are stopped by the Prince of Verona.

Lord and Lady Capulet consider a possible marriage between their only daughter Juliet and the County Paris.

The fourth quarto, printed for Smethwick by William Stansby, appeared in 1622.

John Smethwick also published the fifth quarto of 1637, printed by R. British Library copies of contains detailed bibliographic descriptions of all the quarto copies of the play.

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She then seemingly confirmed the romance by publishing the picture above of the duo.The second ‘good’ quarto was printed by Thomas Creede for Cuthbert Burby in 1599.