Reggie bush dating black women

05-Feb-2016 20:40

You can't tell me there wasn't at least a half dozen Black women that could not have alerted ESSENCE's editorial staff what the reaction in many quarters would be to selecting Kim Kardashian's boyfriend.

As you know, I officially gave up on Essence six months ago when they took the morally bankrupt position that Black women should seek out men at strip clubs.

Its the brain trust that's hellbent on driving ESSENCE magazine into an abyss. No matter how much ESSENCE's Sex Editrix protest-eth otherwise.Then I saw how long it took for them to put a very dark skinned sister on the cover, i.e., super-model Alek Wek; yep, she was on the cover of Elle magazine BEFORE she was on the cover of Essence. If there is anything positive to come out of this, I hope it will be the beginning of a shift in Black women's thinking on a mass scale pertaining to media, people and other institutions that claim to be for 'us' and put our needs 'first' yet their actions are stating otherwise. If Essance wanted to be provocative they should start putting white men on a cover who MARRY black women. Diddy or black men who don't date or marry black women like Terrance Howard. I picked up a recent copy and it's too mysogynistic.My subscription ended 18 months ago; good riddance, huh? Everything evolves around finding a black man, lowering your standards, pleasing a black man, and articles or interviews written by black men who tell black women what they're not doing and what they should be doing.)This cover makes me want to revoke my subscription.

Essence, if I had to give you guys a grade based on the cover, I would give you a D .I agree w/Shawn I've been a faithful subscriber since the early nineties, and I remember when the magazine actually had *useful*, higher-level content--now each issue is all sex, sex, sex (ladies, look at your previous issues & count the ones that DON'T have the word 'sex' on the cover--amazing!!

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