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16-Jan-2015 07:48

I was young, insecure, and terrified of being alone.

‘Oddly our marriage also fell apart due to her cheating on me.

I could not go through life dragging the weight of an unaddressed mental illness.’ See also: 7 Sins That Can Cripple Marriages Which One Are You in Your Marriage, Peacekeeper or a Peacemaker?

17 People Reveal How They Knew They Weren’t Going To Marry The Person They Are With Marriage is precious and so it is both of you responsible to ensure that none of you do anything to jeopardize the relationship.

I found out she was sleeping with a series of other guys and had a coke habit.

See also: 7 Sins That Can Cripple Marriages Which One Are You in Your Marriage, Peacekeeper or a Peacemaker? She spent six years trying to contact me to get back together, but has finally given up now though.’ Fancyfire thought that after he gave up alcohol so as to be a better man his wife would appreciate it, but the opposite happen and sadly, the marriage ended in divorce. I’ve tried to fix it, [but it] didn’t worked out.’ Osojayadeva split up from his wife after he discovered she was cheating on him. Turns out, she didn’t want to have sex with me.’ Quadsimotto was married to his wife for almost nine years, but there constant fighting eventually tore them apart.

So what are some of the reasons marriages ends in divorce?

Husbands on Reddit who divorced their wives reveal what REALLY caused the sad demise of their marriages after two or more years of #marriage Why #men divorce their wives Shapeofthings after two years of being married to his wife divorced her after he discovered she was cheating on him and was addicted to cocaine. [There were] constant declarations of love and passion, but occasional aggressive outbursts.

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Many marriages ended in divorce because one party cheated, some because of financial difficulties while others for various reasons, some don’t really make any sense.It can just take one mistake that should have been avoided to destroy a beautiful thing.

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