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18-Feb-2016 16:49

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I would like to move to an area where my girlfriend and I can enjoy a peaceful life without being bothered for being an interracial couple but that seems impossible.Yet when black guys around here date white girls, they don't get any flak or criticism for it from society.

I don't care what some crappy US census want to classify him as. In the UK, a tanned 'southern European' looking man dating a blonde 'Scandinavian looking' female would barely be considered interracial, if at all.A chorus of voices joined us on stage throughout the evening to celebrate these heroes and our progress: Peter Hermann, Tina Fey, Queen Latifah, Natalie Merchant, Anthony Edwards, Samantha Ronson, Raúl Esparza, Jemima Kirke, Mark and Danielle Herzlich, Kaumaka‘iwa Kanaka‘ole, Kekuhi Keali‘ikanaka‘oleohaililani, Shawn Pimental, and more.