Radiometric dating rock layers

30-Nov-2016 23:12

That’s logical because the sediment making up that layer was deposited on top of, and therefore after, the layers below.So reading this diagram tells us basic information about the time that rock layers and rock units were formed relative to other layers.Indeed, in the Cardenas Basalt, for example, the samarium-neodymium age is younger than the rubidium-strontium ages.

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And apart from the potassium-argon age for the Cardenas Basalt, all the radioactive clocks have correctly shown that these four rock units were formed earlier than Cambrian, so they are pre-Cambrian.

Usually geologists do not use all four main radioactive clocks to date a rock unit.

This is considered an unnecessary waste of time and money.

Radiometric dating methods sometimes yield conflicting results, but the technique itself is scientific and reliable, and once the results are interpreted in a biblical framework, they yield clear patterns that help us better understand the earth’s history since creation six thousand years ago.

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PART 1: Radiometric Dating: Back to Basics PART 2: Radiometric Dating: Problems with the Assumptions PART 3: Making Sense of the Patterns This three-part series will help you properly understand radiometric dating, the assumptions that lead to inaccurate dates, and the clues about what really happened in the past.

Furthermore, if physicists examine why the same rocks yield different dates, they may discover new clues about the unusual behavior of radioactive elements during the past.

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