Quitting drinking dating

14-Sep-2015 06:00

Like 8 months into the relationship she stopped drinking as much, and I realized she was boring as shiat.Course I knew when we started dating she was a poly-sci major who had a major lady-boner for harry potter. As someone who gave up drinking, I have to say people do seem a little weird about it sometimes.There's that, though as of late unless you really like dating people at work and go out of your way to have multiple social hobbies that are singles-friendly, that's not as easy as it used to be.Especially if you're not in college/your 20's/don't want to be someone's new baby daddy. I've actually moved to a "drink less cheap liquor, drink more expensive, tasty liquor" and it's drastically cut down on my booze intake rather naturally.Like if you gave up drinking, you must have been an alcoholic, because why would anyone want to give up drinking? The only time I ever had anything to drink was when I was with my ex because he would pressure me in to it and I would just sit there and nurse the same bottle all night to get him off my damn back.As someone who has never enjoyed drinking to begin with, I know what you're talking about."Hey you want a beer or something? I live in suburban sprawl, so I usually drive wherever I go."No, thanks, I'm driving" is acceptable to everyone.Also, if you're on a date and the other person can't understand that you don't want to drink, then maybe you shouldn't be hanging out with that person. There was simply no way I could stand the woman if I didn't have some means of cushioning my brain.Now cigarettes, she'd never give up, even after the breast biopsy...

And if he, god forbid wanted to hook up with someone he actually had something in common with, rather than a random stranger, There are all sorts of clubs and group activities and places to volunteer that let you meet people The sad thing is that, while there are dicks who prey on totally smashed out women, the loudmouths who complain (on behalf of, often) about women getting buzzed and then sleeping with people they may not have while sober (which is the whole POINT of drinking and flirting) make it nearly impossible for the large number of women who do drink to loosen up and have fun to speak out, because if they do the dogpile turns into: "It's sad that even as a woman you support rape culture."Sounds a lot like my recent ex.

The best part is that you learn how to be a human being again.

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