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Kenneth then tells the media that he’s the legal son and he can show his birth certificate to prove this.Kelay, on the other hand, shows a picture of a young Kenji with another girl.Kenji asks Kenneth what caused him to feel this way, to which Kenneth replies that he knows his father is in love with a girl other than his mother, Athena.Disappointed, Kenji tells Kenneth that the latter has no idea how much he loves him and his mother.However, Kenneth, Kenji’s only son, makes out with a girl in a bathroom stall as the girl’s grandfather enters; chaos then ensues as the old man chases Kenneth to the reception hall.After the wedding reception, Kenji then confronts Kenneth; he tells him to be mature enough already and asks him what the problem is, to which the latter says that he doesn’t want to be with him but has no choice.

The morning after drinking, a hungover Kenneth finds out the plane that would take his father to Bicol has crashed.Mary Ann Macaso, an active barangay official and a beneficiary of the 13-kilometer Banneng-Gombowoy FMR, said that the ongoing construction of the road already proves beneficial to the residents in …read more » For farm-to-market road (FMR) subprojects implemented under the Department of Agriculture’s Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP), World Bank Task Team Leader Frauke Jungbluth said “there’s no special World Bank road that one can refer to.” This was Jungbluth’s response when asked about the life expectancy of FMR subprojects implemented under the PRDP during the Press …read more » Buug, Zamboanga Sibugay – Around 400 households in two barangays in this town can look forward to an increase in economic activity with the completion of a farm-to-market road (FMR), which was turned over here recently.

The FMR connects the barangays of Bawang and Pamintayan whose residents have started to enjoy the benefits of the …Davao City — DA’s Philippine Rural Development Project (DA-PRDP) Mindano Project Support Office joined the recently concluded Mindanao Film Festival showcasing audio-visual presentations (AVPs) on the Project’s gains and emerging benefits in communities all around Mindanao.