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20-Apr-2016 14:53

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Dad's pick is Marcus, ex-military and clean cut he's a kick-boxer and takes Aileen to his gym where they spar a bit.February 2006Robert is dating Tasia but mom & dad don't approve so they've set up blind dates.When the dates are finished, the child selects his/her new partner from amongst the competitors and current partner. Mom and Dad get to pick candidates to date their kid in order to replace their kid's current unacceptable love interest.They especially object to his always insisting that dates are dutch treat.Mom's pick is Chase who takes Giselle to a studio where they do a photo shoot followed by a coffee date and then they unveil the T-Shirts that they've crafted from their photo shoot.

Eric has cheated on her and lied and yet they are still together.

20 February 2006Della and Jerry don't care much for their daughter Giselle's taste in men.

They want her to dump lazy rap wannabe Stephen for one of THEIR picks.

A dating series in which parents select dates for their kids in hopes of replacing a current significant other.

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After a couple of test dates, offspring decide whether to continue with their current sweetheart or go with their parents' choice.

The show begins with mom and dad both picking a candidate of their choice.

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