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30-Jan-2015 13:17

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not just Pakistan..." Of course the Lahore versus Karachi bitchfeud has raged for a long time in Pakistan, and it is not my place to take sides (I will leave that to all the commentators at such sites as Karachi Metblogs.) Great cities always have rivalries (witness the rivalry between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur).

I am more interested in the great rift which divides Pakistani cities from the countryside.

As expected, there were plenty of answers given and plenty of opinions expressed.

"Some people say Lahori girls are sexiest but i guess its all one's own prejudice against other parts of Pakistan or areas," replied one Mullah Nasruddin.

Pakistani Single spells it out thus: "Karachi roads may be filled with young couples from local colleges enjoying joyrides.

Pakistani single maybe open to dating muslims of the subcontinent.

But dating in Pakistan for the average Pakistani single is a misnomer..." Karachi University: dating possibilities.

Coming down on the side of Karachi girls, Sethin Dubai wrote: "When we mention Lahori girls ofcourse we are referring to girls from Punjab and Punjabi women from all parts..... Sindhi women have hardly been seen by public (except for benazir!!