One direction members dating each other

16-May-2015 09:56

Honestly, maybe I'd like them a little better if their fans werent so rude and annoying to everyone.

They need to get their priorities straight - dragonfly99 Bro that doesn't just happen with directioners.

Directioners I don't actually mind one direction, I don't particularly like their genre of music so I don't listen to them but I reckon they're probably cool guys, but their fan base is so irritating, they are so disrespectful to people who don't like them, they feel they are superior and they even hate other fans of one direction because they don't know every single fact about them, its ridiculous, I even got told to 'go get cancer' when I told a fan that I didn't like them I am speaking for the part of the fanbase no ones recognizes.

There are some fans who don't wish cancer on anybody and have actually met them.

I watched the movie and I said it was a 5-10 and my friend said: Seiriously? And all of my friends think they write their own songs but when I tell them it's not they don't believe! If you get your facts before you post they wrote 14/16 on their last album Like you can do better They've Ruined Songs by Doing Bad Covers Viva La Vida, Wonderwall, Teenage Dirtbag, Your Song, Chasing Cars. - sameera62 Wait, they've covered Coldplay, Oasis, AND Snow Patrol?

Those cretins should never have touched anything by Coldplay!

- Merilille Too right they have ruined many greats the one that pissed me off the most was Blondie's One Way Or Another how about they write their own songs and only cover one song as an extra per album The reason the covered Blondie's song was so that they could go to Africa for CHARITY called COMIC RELIEF to prevent poverty in Africa!

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He paused his date to take a picture with me and actually held a conversation even though he was on a date with his ex Dani. I do admit that I think they are attractive but that's not the only reason I am in the fandom.

Just the other day I said, "I don't see how everyone is so obsessed with One Direction! People should be famous for their MUSIC if their an artist or in a band! They walked across Abbey Road, for crying out loud!

Like when I heard the song "Me Without You" I had to dance and once I found out it was written by Toby Mac, I looked him up and bought some of his albums. - sameera62 Sorry but I never knew walking across Abbey Road was illegal so how on earth are they trying to compare themselves to the Beatles?!

You'll see the most foul language ever come from a 10 year old.

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They are the rudest fan base I have ever seen, even worse than beliebers.

Plus they hated on Alex Garskarth because he stated an opinion and said Mitch Lucker deserved to die.

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