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20-May-2015 02:30

This is paranoid thinking and it serves you no practical purpose.

Your boyfriend has only lost interest in you if he shows no affection when you’re both healthy, not when you’re both sick. Next, you “made the mistake of looking at his text message,” and then “you made the mistake of scrolling back and reading the conversation” and then you made the mistake of bringing this whole thing up with him and then you made the mistake of thinking that it’s inappropriate for ex’s to be friends…

3) You’ll make him feel that he can’t be honest with you about his friendship with his ex – because he CAN’T.

4) You’ll make him feel that he can find a woman who DOES trust him.

How selfish would it be for my need for affection to outweigh my wife’s need to stay healthy?

How insecure would I have to be to think that my wife’s act of self-preservation was somehow an insult to me?

If you don’t trust him because you’re insecure about his friendship with his ex, you’re only going to accomplish the following: 1) You’ll make him feel like crap because his own girlfriend doesn’t trust him.

2) You’ll make him feel trapped because he’s dating someone who reads his text messages.

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Because any man who cuts off his friendships because of an insecure ex will get what he deserves – an irrationally jealous girlfriend who will never trust him no matter what. You’ll be surprised at how well men respond to being trusted. Evan is absolutely right to say that there are REASONS why they broke up. But I definitely want to stay in touch because I care about them in the same way I care about my other friends.Good men and women stay in touch with their exes because their exes are kind people with whom they share a lot of history.

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