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Ben Cardenas offers thoughts on "An Insidious Disease." Dhwani Shah interviews Ram Kowshika on his keen interest in Indian music and poetry.

Episode 55: 2013 April Elisabeth Hamon speaks of her acquired appreciation for the immigrant's experience in "Freedom of Choice".

In our education portion, we get tips on speaking from Svetlana Danilova (speech introductions), Ben Cardenas (moving with purpose), and Birgit Starmanns (speech conclusions). Luis Velasquez shares his personal optimism through his eventful personal journey in "Lessons to Thrive".

In our external video, we feature a profile of professional speaker Sheryl Roush. Episode 63: 2014 January Cody Cotulla tells us about "One Monday Night" and Jason Lai is "Searching for Speaking Secrets". Ravi Ganesan and Ben Cardenas evaluate the speeches.

Henry Miller encourages each of us to "Follow Your Dream" in spite of adversity. In our remote video we feature a talk with Lance Miller. Episode 70: 2014 September Chris Clay learns a lesson in "Perseverance" from his son.

Connie Dimmit introduces us to the Surrealism art style in "Smile, Think, Eat". Episode 66: 2014 May Toastmasters stretch the truth in Tall Tales!

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Episode 52: 2013 January Both prepared and impromptu speeches are featured in this episode!

We hear speaking tips from Rajiv Prabhakar, Mark Stivings and Birgit Starmanns explaining Vocal Variety, Eye Contact and Filler Words. Episode 45: 2012 June Henry Miller tells us about dreamcatchers in "Tomorrow".