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21-Dec-2015 01:29

You're probably not being as sly about your relationship as you think, anyway.If other professors find out, their opinion of both you and their colleague might change.Is it possible that you'll have a loving, mutually respectful relationship with your professor? But it might not be a good idea to assume that it'll play out that way.Not to be too pessimistic, but it's rare that any sort of romantic relationship, no matter how casual, will end with neither party feeling hurt or upset.(Allen has continued to deny the charges.) Maybe he places tremendous weight on his artistic prerogative, despite all the sensitivities involved.Maybe he just doesn’t think the sexual abuse allegations against him are a big deal. In fiction as in life, we’re less likely to give lusty, nebbishy nervous wrecks a pass on their inappropriate infatuations—even if they feel really bad about them afterward. Perhaps that gave him the confidence to continue to assert, perversely, that certain sexual relationships—between a professor and a student, say, or an adult and a high schooler—are richly ambiguous subjects for art rather than blindingly simple.

Laura Kipnis, a professor in Northwestern's School of Communication, criticized her school's policy in a controversial essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education, arguing that the ban assumes that professors are predators, and also that these policies infantilize students.

But the student-teacher relationship can change dramatically in college.