Most intimidating songs

10-Jul-2015 09:16

Eight might be enough to fill your life with love, but ten is not remotely enough to cover the best of They Might Be Giants. But at least here is an overview of one of the greatest bands that ever dared to be strange, and vice versa.

During the relentlessly vituperative minute and half during which “Judy Is Your Vietnam” unfolds, Flansburgh paints an unmistakable portrait of an ostensibly desirable femme fatale who in fact, for the love of god, must be avoided at every cost. ) From there, things only devolve — Judy is an aging bohemian with a revolving cast of roommates and very little regard for the sanctities of romantic fidelity.

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So now we take this great, long running band and adjudicate just ten songs that might qualify as their best.One thing to be noted with the super-quick chord changes from C to G7, back and forth: this works well on the piano in Deck the Halls, but is NOT so effective on the guitar. Play a C chord without changing, as you sing the melody, and see how it sounds.