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I hated Walter because of his erratic behavior—particularly the way he talks to his mother—but Lorraine Hansberry had to craft him that way to show how desperate he was and how stifled he felt by society.Walter was being eaten alive inside because he felt like he could be doing so much more for himself and his family, if only he were granted an opportunity.And they weren’t necessarily taught how to be that person either.This version of gender roles particularly appeals to the emasculated black man who subscribes to hegemonic masculinity; because, if in society you can’t be a man, but you have the status to choose to be the man at home, and you’ve been taught to seek a very particular kind of woman, who are you going to choose?However, they do have the money and status, so now they are looking for a lady to match.Ideally, they want the secretary to their boss; they want the greet at the door with their slippers, alcohol, and dinner on the table chick; they do not want a black chick. Cinderella is supposed to be the princess to end all princesses.So a while back, I read an article called “Are Rich Black Men turning their backs on White Women? It was intriguing in its perspective, but very opinion based, so of course some people took issue with some of what was said, as did I.

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Femininity in a nutshell is crafted to be complementary, but not equal to masculinity.

What this creates is a race of men who feel constantly emasculated.

James Baldwin gets at this in his piece, “Notes of a Native Son,” paying homage to “Native Son” by Richard Wright; however, a really good and more widespread character that illustrates this is Walter Younger in A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry.

So just so we’re clear, a black person is three fifths of a white person and a woman is three fifths of a man.

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So let’s combine these three societal conditions to come to a conclusion.When the two are put together, it goes white men, white women, and so on down the list, by skin color and then gender. ” But the Patriarchy and hegemonic masculinity do amount to men feeling the need to dominate women. In short, the reason many successful black men opt to date and marry white women is because they were raised in a patriarchal society that constantly emasculates them, yet they still subscribe to said society’s ideals.