Mint not updating us bank dating in hull

05-Oct-2015 18:46

But, you can only have one savings goals per account, so if you save for multiple goals in one savings account, the Goals feature is not useful.

A variety of simple yet customizable reports are available on the Trends page.

A budget in Mint is not one plan, each category is called a budget.

To set up a budget, go to the budget section and click on "create a budget", choose a category and an amount to budget for every month, every few months or once.

When it comes to personal finance, you want to see both the big picture, such as your net worth, and minute details, such as every credit card transaction. It reminds you of upcoming bills and, with a recent addition, can now even pay them for you.

provides both of those windows into your financial life and so much more. It even suggests financial accounts with better interest rates than the ones you currently get. Rather, Mint helps you keep a vigilant eye on your accounts and transactions to get insight into your spending and saving habits.

Because it does all that for free and is completely automated, Mint is the best personal finance software, hands down. To get started, you create an account with an email address and username.

Mint then asks you to look for the banks and credit cards you use so that you can give Mint access to information about them.

You authenticate Mint to pull data from those accounts.

If you choose every few months, another option opens so you can enter the number months and when the expense will start.

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