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27-Nov-2015 19:30

There’s no evidence whatsoever that American doctors gain anything from those three extra years of undergrad. Why is having a philosophy degree under my belt supposed to make me any better at medicine?(I guess I might have acquired a talent for colorectal surgery through long practice pulling things out of my ass, but it hardly seems worth it.) I’ll make another confession.Remember, a modest amount of the current health care crisis is caused by doctors’ crippling level of debt.

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The people of the kingdom are very surprised to hear that, since the price of their own tulips has never stopped going up, and is now in the range of tens of thousands of guilders.

We took one look at that problem and said “You know, let’s make doctors pay an extra 0,000 for no reason.” And to paraphrase Dirkson, 0,000 here, 0,000 there, and pretty soon it adds up to real money.

20,000 doctors graduate in the United States each year; that means the total yearly cost of requiring doctors to have undergraduate degrees is billion.

Nevertheless, they are glad that, however high tulip prices may be for them, they know the government is always there to help.

Sure, the roads are falling apart and the army is going hungry for lack of rations, but at least everyone who wants to marry is able to do so.

Meanwhile, across the river is another little kingdom that had the same tulip-related marriage custom.

If the woman is a close friend, the likelihood of this becoming an issue is slim.… continue reading »

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