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Love conquers all for this these lovers as they face these obstacles together.

Qi Yue and Ahmon gain the acceptance of their parents and Ahmon's grandmother, get through the pain of being separated for a year because Ahmon was in Italy getting to know his long lost mother, come to terms with Ahmon's younger asthmatic brother, reject the advances of Ahmon's date, and realize that reliving past crushes isn't the way to go and that people change. Her hairstyle is good, clothes are okay and she has great chemistry with Mike He and Kingone! This is the first time I have seen Mike act and he does fairly okay.

Qing Zi and Yuan Yi's relationship is tested when Qing Zi feels that Yuan Yi is spending more time playing basketball than being with her.

Feeling dejected, she meets with a stranger she chatted with online.

[He has asthma] After a "fake" attack, he and Ah Meng rekindle their relationship and become brothers once more. Being rich and powerful, Ahmon and his gang go around bullying other people to amuse themselves. He shows her the letter and reads the front of the envelope out to her.

Qi Yue then realizes that Ahmon picked up the letter that she dropped.

I just love the way she pouts her mouth, and her range of acting has gone really big considering that she has done a bed scene with Mike He on this one. He just seems to over exaggerate a lot of things herethe way he smirks, smiles or whatever it is. He is like the Jiro Wang of ISWAK Omg in the first episode, the bomb was already dropped on me!!

Mike He - I hate Mike Hes hairstyle; it reminds me of Dao Ming Zis pineapple-all-over-the-place hair! He seems to like Rainie for real, coz you can feel their chemistry as if they are not acting. Holy smokes, I think Yuan Yi (Kingone) is absolutely handsome!!

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She harbors a crush on the captain of the girls, yet he is also known as the "prince of seduction." Despite his cool composure and "bad" attitude, Ahmon has a gentle side and often sticks up for what is right.

I watch devil beside me and why why love 10 times to see them together so please back the loveteam of them ... Yes, Rainie & Mike, the best ever couple, i love them in DBY and I fell in love with them again in Why Why Love, this one made me cry!!!

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