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A trading post servicing Hudson Bay was built and eventually offered to the public as a remote fly-in outpost in the 1940's.

Though many improvements were made, it remained a fly-in until 1973 when the logging industry opened a road to the lake making this remote area accessible by vehicle. We are just 245 miles north of International Falls, MN, approximately 40 miles west of Ear Falls and Red Lake, Ontario, Canada.

The game day production staff saw this older gentleman, wearing a veterans hat, belting out the Canadian anthem, standing at attention and saluting the flag.

They showed the same image before every game for the next five years, until Kroppy took ill last season.

“We considered him part of our team, part of our family and the Jets organization,” Jets centre Bryan Little said Wednesday. “The players are going to miss him, the fans are going to miss him. You go to a Jets game and everyone knew where he sat, everyone expected him to be on the big screen at some point, especially at the end of the anthem, giving the salute.

“We’ve definitely lost one of our best fans.” Kroppy became part of the Jets game day experience during the first exhibition game played in the city after the Atlanta Thrashers moved north in 2011.

“He just embodied everything it means to be a passionate sports fan and more importantly for us, a passionate Jets fan.” [email protected]: @Ted_Wyman One of the Winnipeg Jets’ biggest fans has died.

When he returned for a game against the Ottawa Senators on March 30 and his face showed up on the scoreboard screens, the entire crowd rose, clapped, cheered and kept the ovation going for two or three minutes.

There were few dry eyes in the house that night, including those belonging to people in the organization, fans and players. The Kenora resident, a Second World War veteran, passed away Tuesday at the age of 98.

“He’s going to always be intertwined with the Jets.” It really says something about the man that he was able to touch so many lives, just by being a passionate hockey fan and a patriotic Canadian.

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While most fans never had a chance to meet the man personally, they felt like they knew him.

“Every time they showed him on the jumbotron the crowd would go nuts,” Little said.