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Her books have been featured in several major magazines, including Better Homes & Gardens and Glamour, and her novel Sometimes Naughty, Sometimes Nice was a Cosmopolitan magazine book club pick.She lives deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country with her husband and their young children. She’s also the creator of this True Love Dates Blog! This is a full-service agency representing commercial adult fiction and nonfiction books with over 700 books sold.

But the bottom line about one-way relationships like the above, is that they are relationships in which one person always seems to be doing all the giving– the forgiving, the forgetting, the ignoring, the working through– while the other person seems to be doing all the taking.Our clients live in twenty-four different states and several foreign countries.They range in age from early twenties to late seventies, and from beginning writers to authors who have had more than thirty books published.He had thinning brown hair and a recessed hairline that said he was in his late thirties, maybe early forties. Black slacks, argyle socks, and gleaming black loafers completed the outfit. I tamped down the urge to bolt (hey, my feet were frozen) and decided to go for Plan A—faking my way out of a very difficult (and somewhat smelly) situation. ” he asked, a Bolívar cigar hanging from the corner of his mouth. Talk about a quick way to ruin a silk blouse.“I’m not really Evie,” I admitted, just in case he’d inherited the whole cramp thing. “I just thought you were another fan from MMW and I wanted to avoid a confrontation.”Manhattan’s Most Wanted was a local reality dating show fashioned after The Bachelor that paired Manhattan’s hottest guys with a bevy of beautiful, buxom women. I squared my shoulders, fought my gag reflex, and smiled.

I gave up the breathing and pasted on my most mesmerizing smile. He had a thick Jersey accent and the cold, emotionless tone of a man who’d rather see me with concrete blocks strapped to my ankles than prancing around in my latest La Perla thong.“Um, no,” I blurted. While I hadn’t made the final cut for the actual show, I had made it into the outtakes that had aired a few short weeks ago.“I saw you riding that carriage through Central Park.” He grinned. “Just name the time and place, and I’m there.”“Slow down, vamp.” He made a face.

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