Is tim rozon dating anyone

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Though he tried to erase the officer's memory of him so Bishop could not turn him, Aidan later learns of the officer's suicide.Aidan also attempts to help Rebecca by setting up a co-dependent relationship, feasting on each other's blood rather than live blood, but she eventually backs out.In the time before the beginning of the series, originally out of pity, Aidan saves Josh from being tormented by Marcus and before the two became good friends with Aidan getting Josh a job as an orderly at Boston's Suffolk County Hospital, where Aidan has been working as a nurse.The two later become room mates with a mutual intent to fit back into society.

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However, when it is revealed that Julia is the same Julia who was Josh's ex-fiancé, and when the hospital puts higher security on the blood supply, Aidan breaks up with her.

Josh has Nora treat Aidan, without telling any specifics, but he remains weak and Bishop plans on fighting him, notifying him through Josh.

Celine goes to comfort Aidan, and decides to offer him her blood.

Rebecca later acts on Bishop's order to sway Aidan's thoughts on her by sending him a DVD where she has sex with a man before draining him dry of blood.

Though he promises Josh and Sally that he will get rid of the DVD, Aidan secretly keeps it.A week later, while helping Sally with her Reaper issue, Aidan learns that Suren has lied to Mother about culling all of Bishop's orphans.

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