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28-Mar-2016 18:30

Tory MP Philip Davies said Mr Lowcock, 54, should be known as 'Sir Waste-a-Lot'.

It was announced after TV presenter and bowel cancer survivor Lynn Faulds Wood (inset) turned down an MBE, saying she could not accept a gong 'while we still have party donors donating huge amounts of money and getting an honour'.

Amy Smith could not hide her emotion as partner Gareth Innes proposed to her (pictured, left) in front of their two children, Tian and Lexie (bottom right).

And family and friends have already raised more than £10,000 to help fund their wedding day.

The Portuguese banker, who earned £8.8million last year, was reportedly spotted enjoying days out with his alleged lover.

It was also claimed that they met up at his £350-a-night room at the five star Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Amy, 34, was taken ill while watching a pantomime with her family, and medics told her she had cancer of the lungs, shoulder and spine.

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A set of incredible pictures, taken by a Chinese photographer who claims to grow up there, captures the haunting presence of today's 404 city - after all residents were relocated by the authority in 2005.Welcome to 404, a remote city in the far-flung Gobi Desert which was built as a national secret in 1950s so that Communist China could make its first nuclear weapon during the height of the Cold War.