Is it true that jojo is dating j kwon

28-Mar-2015 01:08

That gives both the opportunity to have genetic testing done and find out who the father is.

With that knowledge, the father can pick up his parental duties and begin bonding with his child. Doing so would mean that the correct man pays and the incorrect one doesn't, the actual father gets to know his child from birth and the other doesn't and the child gets to know its true father, not some other man, from the start. The wrong man pays, the wrong man does child care, the child bonds with the wrong man and the real father bears no responsibility and enjoys none of the benefits of fatherhood.

Seven years later, he's learned that the child is not his.

From what I can gather (the articles I've read are none-too-precise) he quit paying support when he learned the child was another man's.

Given that there's nothing positive about our legal approach to paternity fraud, it's almost as if that's the point - to maintain mothers' hegemony over fathers' rights.

The solution to the paternity fraud problem is actually simple.

In short, the law requires those with knowledge of problems, defects, etc., not on the buyer, who doesn't know about them, but on the seller, who does. The doctrine of (let the buyer beware) put the burden on the buyer to figure out if there was a problem with the car, the house, etc.

That doctrine is long outmoded and one of the reasons it was abandoned was because requiring the person with the facts to divulge them makes more sense than requiring the one without the facts to in some way figure them out.

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Let's assume that she had sex with J-Kwon and another man fairly close together in time.

All that is perfectly rational, which must make the way the law treats paternity fraud perfectly, well, irrational.

Now, of course there will be those who say that J-Kwon's girlfriend likely didn't know who the father was.

That meant having her come to live in his house and paying ,500 per month in child support for seven years.

During the time she was living in his house, J-Kwon believes she intercepted documents from the court that might have informed him of his right to seek a paternity test which, for whatever reason, he didn't do.

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