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It began airing in 2012 and as of June 2014 has three seasons.Soon after the show premiered, some Persians in Los Angeles circulated petitions asking for the show's cancellation.Halleh Ghorashi, author of Ways to Survive, Battles to Win: Iranian Women Exiles in the Netherlands and United States, wrote in 2003 that "The majority of Iranians living in Los Angeles have an extremely nationalistic approach toward Iran." In 2007 ballots for elections in Beverly Hills began to be printed in Persian.That year, Jimmy Delshad, a Persian Jew, became the mayor of Beverly Hills; he was the city's first mayor of Iranian descent and also the country's highest-ranking political office holder of Persian origins.The Armenian communities in these Middle Eastern countries were well established and integrated, but not assimilated, into local populations.Armenians in Lebanon and Iran are represented in the parliaments as ethnic minorities.Der-Martirosian, Sabagh, and Bozorgmehr concluded that the Iranian Armenian ethnicity had a "special strength".As of 1980, 80% of Iranian Armenians have fellow Armenian Iranians at their social gatherings and as spouses and close friends.

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Jimmy Delshad, who became the Mayor of Beverly Hills, stated that around 1959 there were around 10 or 12 Persian families in the Los Angeles area.In the 1970s members of the Mahboubi family settled in Beverly Hills and began buying real estate on Rodeo Drive.