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The first reason is that Parker is the star, co-writer, producer, and director of , a film about Nat Turner’s slave rebellion. When Parker was a student at Penn State University, he and his then-roommate Jean Celestin (who also happens to be a co-writer of ) were accused of rape.Parker was exonerated, but Celestin was found guilty. It feels like there are hidden forces out there who don’t want them to be successful. First, it’s not like the news of Parker’s history was on some special Google for stars of Black Netflix or some shit.You may need to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. Looking flustered or nervous could make your opponent see you as weak, causing them to try to harm you more.During a fight, strive to use confident body language to show you will not be intimidated. This will show your opponent you cannot be egged on. You can get injured in a fight and, if you injure another person, there can be serious legal consequences.To be clear, I’m not saying Nate Parker was guilty. I’m just saying that it would be prudent to apply the same skepticism of the criminal justice system when the possession of that skepticism is difficult to maintain. He (Celestin) appealed the decision, and the case was eventually thrown out because the victim didn’t want to testify again. A regular google would have found everything about the case.

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And while a bar brawl may not be conducive to your well-being, having the right people beside you during those crucial moments allows you to make it out unscathed and with your manhood intact. Interestingly enough, the 36-year-old Parker, who was an All-American wrestler in college, can trace his acting career to an especially fortuitous bout of serendipity. While attending an event with his girlfriend, Parker (then a computer programmer) was discovered by a talent scout who encouraged him to make an audition tape and move to Hollywood. The consensus among those who’ve seen is that it should get quite a bit of Oscar recognition. Along with the rape, Parker and Celestin were accused of intimidating her. Don’t you think the timing of this being a news story is rather peculiar? Well, this happened 17 years ago — while they were in college — and it’s just now seeing the light of day, right after they created an explosive and controversial movie about Black slaves revolting and killing White people.