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They know how to maneuver deftly through such environs without impediment. Benefit: When moving through a crowd, the crowd-walker moves at her normal rate, rather than requiring two squares of movement for every square as is normal.

In addition, light debris does not impede her movement, and she treats heavy debris as light debris.

(Talk to your DM in advance to determine what sorts of forms are available and what are off-limits.) The druid can assume the form of an animated object twice per day at 18th level, and three times per day at 20th level.

At 20th level, she can use this ability to turn into a Huge animated object.

Several class features presented here reference feats and mechanics found in Cityscape.City-Shape The ability to transform into an animal is the hallmark of the druid, so much so that even many urban druids choose to retain it. Replaces: If you select this class feature, you do not gain all the aspects of standard wild shape (except for the ability to wild shape into an elemental at high levels, which remains unchanged).Some, however, prefer the ability to blend and maneuver within the streets of the city, sacrificing size for a wider range of forms. Benefit: At 5th level, the druid gains the ability to transform into an animal, as per the standard wild shape ability.At 12th level, the druid does not gain the ability to transform into plant creatures.

Instead, she may transform into an animal- or vermin-based swarm, so long as it fits within her standard wild shaping Hit Die limits.

She can do this once a day to start with, but the frequency of her wild shapes increases as per the standard druid advancement chart.