How to backup bios before updating

19-Jan-2015 21:39

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A: I8kfan GUI is a Windows GUI application to control the fan operation on the Dell Inspiron 8x00 notebook line and many other Dell notebooks including the Latitude written by by Christian Diefer. Splash must be run from a DOS prompt, not a DOS box from within Windows.

A: Get the Splash program and run it with the OFF switch. Splash must be run from a DOS prompt, not a DOS box from within Windows.

change motherboards, etc.) or when a new BIOS revision adds increased functionality to your system.

It will be quick and say that the update is complete. There is a "feature" in the bootable routine that looks at the intended version and the existing version and chooses the higher version as better for you. Then boot up with the disk that you just created in the floppy drive. So A22 was specially designed to make that change in the old BIOS and it is not currently a reversible process.

On some systems, such as the Inspiron 2500, the process is slightly different. As a note, the BIOS Version A06 is a Phoenix BIOS and A22 (A23 for the I5150) is a Dell BIOS.

Note, if this is a new hard drive, you will have to format it before you can use it. When you disable a Primary password, you enter your old password ( for access purposes) and then overwrite the existing one with empty strings.

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Press ENTER 3 times rather than entering and confirming a password.

Upon computer power-up, the BIOS is launched to perform various start-up functions.

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