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Ivo had one church and four mills rendering 12 shillings, and eight acres of meadow without geld. In Spittlegate, St Wulfram of Grantham has half a carucate of land to the geld.The lands of Bishop Osmond were described: "In Londonthorpe ... In Great Gonerby, St Wulfram of Grantham has 1 carucate of land.The Nottingham Line (LNER) arrived first in 1850, then the London line (GNR) – the Towns Line from Peterborough to Retford – arrived in 1852. Little Gonerby and Spittlegate were added to the borough in 1879.The Boston, Sleaford and Midland Counties Railway arrived in 1857. The town had been in the wapentake of Loveden, and the town included three townships of Manthorpe with Little Gonerby, Harrowby, and Spittlegate with Houghton and Walton.In 1363 "The Castles, Manors and towns of Stamford and Grantham" were granted to Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, and fifth son of Edward III of England.

The officers stationed at Grantham were Miss Allen and Miss Harburn.

The street name "Castlegate" cannot be traced further back than the 17th century.

The town developed when the railway came to the town.

Grantham is notable as being the first place in the world after London to recruit and train women police officers.

Grantham was the first provincial force to ask the newly formed Corps of Women's Police Volunteers to supply them with occasional policewomen, recognising them as particularly useful for dealing with women and juveniles.

The town is best known as the birthplace of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, and the place where Isaac Newton went to school, at The King's School.