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14-May-2016 13:47

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Disclosure patternswithin social networks of gay men and lesbians. Gender-specic pathways to intimacy in early adoles-cence. Puberty and depression: e roles of age, pubertal statusand pubertal timing. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 27, 1310–1323. Sex differences inobesity rates in poor countries: Evidence from South Africa. Quick stats: General information on alcohol use andhealth. Morbidity and Mortal-ity Weekly Report, 58, 301–304. How do genderdifferences in well-being depend on paid and un-paid work in Europe? Gender dierences in adolescent risk taking: Are theydiminishing? Do recentlife events and social support explain gender differ-ences in depressive symptoms in patients who had per-cutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty?

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Opposite-sexfriendship: Sex differences and similarities in initia-tion, selection, and dissolution. Cigarette use among high school students—United States,1991–2009. The link between physical activity and morbidity andmortality. Evalu-ating gender biases on actual job performance of realpeople: A meta-analysis. e psychological consequences of work-family trade-os for three cohorts of men and women.

Sex dif-ferences in detecting sexual infidelity: Results of amaximum likelihood method for analyzing the sen-sitivity of sex differences to underreporting. A contextual anal-ysis of the association between demand/withdraw andmarital satisfaction.

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