Hes too accomodating

05-Jan-2016 05:29

Don’t beat yourself up for backsliding or moving forward as quickly as you feel you should.

Time is your friend so be willing for time to pass.

Acceptance isn’t easy but the sooner you get to a place of acceptance the sooner you will overcome the loss of the spouse you knew and grow stronger in your own life.4.

Be Patient: Practice patience with both yourself and your spouse.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up hope, people beat the odds daily.Lucy is now divorced but she isn’t sitting home feeling sorry for herself or bitter at her ex for ruining her life.She is out getting all she can out of life because Lucy realizes that the only life she has any control over is her own and she is determined to make it a good life.3.Surviving your spouse’s midlife crisis means working with what you have, not continually pondering what you might be able to do to bring him/her back to the marriage.

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If you don’t acknowledge the reality of what is happening in your marriage due to his/her midlife crisis it is highly unlikely that you will improve your life circumstances.

When Lucy’s husband began his midlife crisis she dealt with the problem directly and started doing all the things she had not had an opportunity to do because her husband wouldn’t join her. She joined a hiking club and travels with her club all over the country hiking interesting trails.

In March 1997, she appeared in cartoon form as the model for a character who’s a singer and a vampire (“but a good vampire”, says her publicist) in a comic book series called Embrace.… continue reading »

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If she is not responding in a way that tells you she is turned on, then you can safely say that you missed out. Cuddle up and watch the movie and be affectionate in ways that you know she likes.… continue reading »

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