Gifts for guys you just started dating

10-Jun-2016 04:06

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I don't want to get anything to overwhelming..but I don't want to get something crappy. Any ideas, cause he is a romantic and he might get me something nice? Help me I would have to imagine this question would be more of an age specific question, or even level of commitment - I wouldn't expect a 16 year old to be able to afford an i Pod.

I literally just started dating this guy for less than a month ago and Christmas just came up.

You just started dating him so I wouldn't embarrass him with an expensive gift - what if he only had an inexpensive gift for you? How about tickets for the two of you to go to a Christmas concert with dinner beforehand? If you are a starving college student, take some of your beer money & go spend on ingredients and prepare a nice home/apt cooked meal for the two of you - don't put a bow on the Chicken Marsalla though... I want to buy a fun gift that's appropriate and personal, but am on a limited budget.

However if I didn't already have one it would be a nice gift to receive from my new girlfriend as we can afford it (I'm in my mid 30's) - I too am searching for the right gift for my new GF, it's a tough deal - we both make decent money but it's more the gift - while I was focusing on a 100-200$ range necklace, I wasn't sure and I'm a psychologist :-) She does have a puppy, thanks for the thought Rosa - I know she wants a few things for her - love through the puppy is an approach I hadn't thought of : P - My thought is if you really care for the person a gift from the heart it the best answer - I'd be happy with a simple card and her wearing a bow in her hair exclaiming she is my present (she already is though) - for those who can afford something bigger dig deep, if he/she's into a specific sports team yet you might not be buy two tickets to a game and go with them, if any of you know my GF whisper "Rose Bowl" into her ear for me!

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If you have any problems or suggestions feel free to Contact Us.Price: .95 Every guy out there has a favorite kind of alcoholic drink and luckily just about every major brand makes products with their logos and trademarks on them.It shouldn’t be very hard to figure out which one is his favorite and by simply looking for those items you can easily pick out a gift that you know he will love.DON’T: Make him a mix of the sappiest love songs of all time, get him front-row seats at a sold-out concert, or buy him 0 wireless Beats by Dre headphones.

DO: Notice he’s been walking around without proper winter gear?

Obviously, you don’t want to go too big, yet you don’t want to not give anything at all. DO: Get him a subscription to Netflix if he mentioned he’d like to start binge-watching “Narcos.” DON’T: Buy him a shiny new flat-screen to watch it on.

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