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07-Nov-2016 09:57

I can also use ESC to always kill the PTT regardless.I was using the internal voice keyer on the K3 using the F1 – F3 keys on the keyboard.I did this using a modified script and the pause button.If I press the pause button then it toggles the PTT.: 14 Operating time : 18h30 TOTAL SCORE : 120,006 Dupes are not included in QSO counts neither avg calculations Operators : M1DST Soapbox : A few of us from the Swindon Radio Club each entered CQWW in various sections.So we could each follow progress we submitted our realtime scores to which was great fun to watch.

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Very sorry for the delay but I will post as soon as they arrive.I decided to pack up the radio and move everything into the car where there would be shade. I started the contest at UTC and eventually gave in and used the DVK after receiving taunts from 2E0SQL via twitter after becoming tongue tied a number of times whilst trying to call CQ, and surf the web for last years results.I had a few visitors pop in to ask what I was doing or say hello.Had plenty of fun but as usual family needed attention so time was limited.

I should have spent more time calling CQ and less time getting distracted on webpages, within apps etc. Oh and whilst tinkering I also reloaded the K3 firmware in the hope that my scripts would work properly.

Since WP4.4 it appears that responsive images have been implemented. The code above is the fixed markup not the code that was failing.