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She knew Syco would never have let her release these songs."The publicly unnamed album will be available to buy in July and will be her first purely original release since 2012, aside from 2013's Christmas, With Love, which consisted of a compilation of covers and tracks created by Lewis.Reports of Leona Lewis’s vast wealth have, according to the singer herself, been hugely exaggerated.If you believe rich-list rankings, the 29-year-old X Factor champion – who has shifted nearly 30 million records worldwide – has earned a very impressive £13 million, but ask her about it and she bursts out laughing.“It’s definitely an exaggeration,” she says. ’ But it’s quite funny.”Another misconception Leonais keen to dispel is that she’s a deadly-serious chanteuse.“It’s funny when I read these apparent facts about myself because I think, ‘Where do they get all that from? Yes, she took the ballad Bleeding Love to the top of the charts around the globe, and a lot of the music she’s been making since her 2006 X Factor win has been similarly intense and heartfelt. “It’s true that a lot of my songs are very passionate and that’s the kind of music I’m drawn to, but I’m not really serious, dark and poised like that.”She is, in fact, lively company – bright and bubbly, with a smile that’s as big as her lustrous mane of dark hair and a laugh that’s as raucous as her singing voice is powerful.She plays one of a bunch of Brits living in an Italian coastal town on the eve of their friend’s wedding and the film is a lively, Mamma Mia!

But I did call him a few times and ask, ‘How on Earth am I going to remember all this stuff?

A key theme is true love, which Leona herself appears to have found with her boyfriend Dennis Jauch. I know it sounds corny but it’s always nice to be given fresh flowers.

She’s been with the choreographer for four years and gives her definition of love as: “Bringing out the best in each other and not being needy – just wanting to be together for genuine reasons, you know? So if my boyfriend does that, it’s a really sweet gesture.”As for her film debut, she yelps, “I still can’t believe I’m in a movie, but it was so much fun.

“Usually there’s a lot of pressure on me when I’m doing videos.

I’m very much the main focus, so not having all the pressure was quite nice.”She’s not ruling out leads in the future but much further down the line, when she’s paid her dues. “I don’t want it to be like, ‘Oh, she’s a musician and she’s a bit famous so that’s why she got the part.’ I have friends who are actors.

“When I’m at home for any length of time, I start re-arranging stuff in my house, maybe out of boredom.